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Selling internationally involves undertaking risks that you may not be comfortable with. comGateway partners major payment integrators and has developed a proprietary payment screening system that takes the problem off your hands.

International orders are routed to comGateway who will then make single, consolidated payments to you in an agreed guaranteed form with no chargebacks. All this is done before you even ship the goods out of your warehouse.

Any payment issues between us and the consumer will be handled solely by us, without any merchant involvement or liability.

Does comGateway charge for this risk nullification in other ways which render my product less price competitive?

We don’t because we don’t have to.

Our payment screening system is effective in identifying and only processing genuine purchases. As such, we are able to comfortably absorb payment dispute costs without padding for these by charging high shipping costs or artificially inflating exchange rates.

In reality, we offer the best shipping rates to most countries, which in turn benefits your international sales volume.

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Would you like to find out more? Have one of our partners’ specialists send you further details and take you through our simple implementation program.

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