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In addition to providing the most reliable and lowest cost shipping arrangements, Global Checkout is the only company that can promote your site to millions of potential online consumers.

We regularly promote merchants to our partners' user bases which include:

  More than 10 million users in Asia, Australasia and S. America. HopShopGo
  Our partner site reaches more than a 100 million users in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. OneNow
  comGateway operates 2 portals for American Express. These portals service cardholders from Tahiti to the Indian sub continent. Borderlessbuys; GlobaleShop
  With 20 million cardholders, JCB is the most established card issuer in Japan JCBGlobalShopping

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Would you like to find out more? Have one of our partners’ specialists send you further details and take you through our simple implementation program.

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