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Global Checkout FAQs

1. Overview
  • Who is Global Checkout?
    • We are a comprehensive international checkout service powered by comGateway – an industry-leading e-commerce solutions company
    • We provide international customers with a seamless checkout experience and fast & efficient delivery
    • We work closely with our partner merchants to handle their international orders
  • How does it help you?
    • We provide international customers with a reliable, convenient and secure checkout & delivery experience at our partner merchants
    • With DHL and FedEx as our official logistics partners, our customers can be assured of the highest service level in international shipping
    • We manage the entire process – from payment to international delivery – for our partner merchants
  • Which countries do we ship to?
    • We ship internationally to more than 200 countries worldwide through our official logistics partners – DHL and FedEx
    • We do not accept store cards, loyalty cards or gift cards etc
  • What language options are there?
    • International customers can checkout in English and Simplified Chinese
  • How safe is it?
    • Your connection is secured by SSL from Verisign
    • comGateway has nearly a decade long track record of delivering merchandise across the globe

2. How can you place an order?
  • Add your items to your shopping cart on our partner merchant’s site
  • Go to the cart, and click on “Global Checkout” button
  • You will be securely redirected to our checkout page
  • Use the drop-down menu to choose your shipping destination, and the country’s applicable shipping, handling charges and taxes & duties will be populated.
  • If you are a registered Global Checkout customer, you may sign in to access your address book and saved payment details
  • If you want to checkout as guest, fill in your billing address, shipping address and payment details
  • Once you have reviewed your order, click “Continue” and receive the order confirmation
  • On order confirmation, you will be prompted to sign up for a Global Checkout account, which will allow you to track and manage your order with a greater ease. For more information, please review the registration benefits

3. How do we process your order?
  • Once you have successfully completed the checkout process, you will receive an order confirmation email. This happens soon after you place your order
  • When your payment has been verified and our partner merchant has processed and shipped your order to our international shipping facility, we will again notify you by email. This usually takes place within 2 to 3 business days after you have placed your order
  • When your order reaches our international shipping facility and has been dispatched to your shipping destination, we will inform you via email, and your shipment will be fully trackable
  • What are the shipping and other charges?
    • What are the requirements of shipping to China?
      • Global Checkout provides one of the lowest international shipping rates in the market even though we have high quality Official Logistics Partners, DHL and FedEx
      • International shipping charges are based on the weight & volumetric weight of your order and your shipping destination. For more information, please see 12. What is the shipping weight?
      • All prices are charged in USD and are completely transparent; we do not pad on additional foreign exchange charges
    • What is the handling fee?
      • Global Checkout may charge a handling fee which includes a domestic delivery charge from our partner merchant’s facility to our international shipping hub, and a processing fee
    • What are the fuel surcharge and insurance cost?
      • Fuel surcharges are imposed by our logistic partners for international freight. Fuel surcharges vary with current fuel prices in the market and are imposed by the U.S. Department of Energy.
      • At Global Checkout, we insure all packages for international shipping against loss or damage.
      • Insurance costs 0.65% of total charges. Total charges include: item cost, handling fee and international shipping charges

4. What are the payment methods we accept?
  • What payment methods do we accept?
    • We accept all international payment methods, including American Express, VISA, MasterCard, ezeClick (in India only), JCB and PayPal
  • How to use promotion codes?
    • To use promo codes issued by our partner merchant, please use the promo code field on the merchant’s page before you are directed to Global Checkout
    • To use promo codes issued by Global Checkout, simply key them into the promo code field on the Payment and Promotions page – if it is a valid promo code, the changes will be reflected accordingly

5. How does shipping & delivery happen?
  • What happens after you checkout?
    • After you have completed your purchase with Global Checkout, your item is shipped domestically from our partner merchant’s facility to our international shipping hub in Portland, Oregon. Your shipment is then dispatched internationally to your shipping address.
  • How do we deliver to your doorstep?
    • Our logistics partners will deliver your package right to your doorstep.
    • If you are not available to receive your packages upon delivery, a delivery notice will be left at your door with the courier’s direct contact number. Contact them directly to schedule a re-delivery.
  • What is the delivery time?
    • We aim to fulfil your order within 8 to 10 business days. However, shipping timeframes are estimates and delivery dates cannot be guaranteed.
  • Who are our official logistic partners?
    • We ship internationally via our Official Logistics Partners – DHL and FedEx, providing the highest standard of international delivery services
  • What are the requirements of shipping to China?
    • For shipments to China, a Chinese ID is required under customs regulations
    • At the shipping address section, you will be prompted to provide your ID number and an upload an image of your ID

6. What are the options for paying taxes and duties?
  • Pre-pay taxes and duties
    • For Singapore, India, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, South Korea, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates, we offer the option to pre-pay your taxes and duties or to pay any such charges to the delivery agent
    • If you opt for pre-payment, your taxes and duties paid are final and you will not be responsible for any additional charge even when the actual duties and/or taxes exceed the amount paid
  • Post-pay taxes & duties: You will pay any applicable taxes and/or duties charges to the delivery agent when you receive your shipment at your shipping address
  • Not applicable taxes and duties: For certain countries, if your taxes and duties are below your country’s tax-free limit, you will be exempt from taxes and duties
  • Not included taxes and duties:
    • For countries where without the pre-payment option, you may be responsible for taxes and duties upon receipt of your shipment
    • Please pay applicable taxes and/or duties charges to the delivery agent upon receiving your shipment

7. What are the benefits of registering with Global Checkout?
  • Why register with Global Checkout?
    • Order tracking: You can track the progress of a current order and review your past orders, which are all saved in your account
    • Manage your order: You can cancel or return your order with greater ease through your registered account
    • Convenient checkout: Your shipping addresses and billing information are securely saved so you can access them quickly during checkout
    • You don’t have to remember the order number
  • How to register with Global Checkout?
    • After making a purchase on Global Checkout, you will be prompted to sign up for an account. Simply review your details, key in a password and select your gender to get started
    • Alternatively, go to  to sign up for an account
  • What happens after registering with Global Checkout?
    • You will receive a welcome email once you have successfully registered with Global Checkout
    • You may sign into your account at to track your order under the “Orders” tab

8. How can you track your order?
  • What updates do you get?
    • To keep customers informed of the status of their order, we send out three emails
      • Order confirmation (when you successfully checkout)
      • Your shipment is on its way to the international shipping hub (when our partner merchant sends your package to our international shipping facility
      • Your item has been shipped internationally (when your package has been shipped internationally)
  • What if you checked out as a guest?
    •  Sign into your account at www.globalcheckout.comto track the progress of and manage your order
    • Please use the “Orders” tab to view your orders
  • What if you checked out as a guest?
    • Before your shipment has been shipped internationally, we will keep you updated of your order status through the 3 emails. Once your shipment has been dispatched internationally, it will be trackable via a tracking link embedded in the third email
  • What if you have further inquries?
    • If you have further questions regarding your order, please contact our customer service team at Please quote the order number from the order confirmation email

9. How can you cancel your order?
  • However Global Checkout provides customers the opportunity to return orders before they are shipped internationally, when they are either enroute to or at our international shipping facility. Customers may be liable for paying the domestic shipping charge from our international shipping facility to the merchant’s warehouse.
  • Customers can also return orders after it has shipped internationally. Please see 10. How can you return your order?
  • Orders placed cannot be cancelled

10. How can you return your order?
  • What is the returns policy?
    • Returns are possible under only under the following conditions:
      • Defective product
      • Product received was not as ordered
      • Damaged during shipping
    • Returns are additionally governed by merchant’s return policy
    • You are liable to pay for the international return shipping fee
  • How can you initiate a return?
  • How do you receive the refund?
    • When we receive the refund from the merchant, Global Checkout refunds the cost of the returned merchandise and any applicable taxes and duties to your original method of payment, such as your PayPal account or the credit card used for the order
    • The refund is processed within 5 business days of receiving it from the merchant.

11. What are the international delivery restrictions?
  • Restricted items
    • Certain items may be unavailable for international shipping according to IATA regulations, as they may cause danger, damage or delay during international shipping
    • Items include (and are not limited to):
      • Flammable Liquids including perfumes, nail polish & nail polish removers, toners, sanitizers, after shaves, essential oils & diffuser oils, alcoholic beverages, compressed gas cylinders, fuels, lighters with lighter fuel
      • Flammable Solids including lithium batteries
      • Export Controlled Items (any product which can be used in military, chemical or biological weapons, missile technology, or nuclear proliferation)
      • Firearms & Weapons / Firearms (or parts thereof) and associated equipment & offensive weapons, sharp items such as hunting knives and swords, imitation arms including toy guns, toy pistols, hand grenades, cigarette lighters resembling weapons
      • Drugs
      • Valuables
      • Others pornographic materials, counterfeit/replica goods, items requiring temperature-control, perishable goods
    • All shipments must comply with the import laws of the country of your shipment destination
    • Some items on the merchants’ site may not be exportable and/or sold internationally, these items may be highlighted and you will not be able to purchase them.

12. What is the shipping weight?
  • Shipping weight is determined by volumetric and actual weight of a shipment – whichever is greater
  • Actual weight: The actual physical weight of a package is its actual weight measured in kilograms
  • Volumetric weight: The ‘volume’ a package occupies. (ie, the physical size of a package)
  • In international shipping, how much space a package occupies (volumetric weight) in a cargo hold is as important as how much it weights (actual weight). Large packages, even if they are light, take up more space in an aircraft. This is why shipping companies take the volumetric weight into consideration
  • If the volumetric weight exceeds the actual weight, you will be charged the volumetric weight

13. How can you contact us?
  • How can customers contact us?
    • For questions regarding your order or delivery, please contact our customer service team at
    • Our customer service team aims to respond to you within 24 hours
  • How can merchants contact us?

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